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411. She told us she really liked smoked mackerel

By bird_lovegod | 11 March 21 12:16pm | Good Deeds

So wIbought three packets, as well as lamb kebabs, pork bbq ribs, chicken kievs, bacon, chicken tempura, southern fried chicken… plus other good things. Maybe went a bit overboard on the chicken. She’s having a rough time, this lady, she lives with a violent partner. He came out of the flat whilst she was collecting the shopping, and I could see the effect he has on her. Wondering what to do… maybe I should talk to him, next time? Would that make things worse? Better? Is it my place to do so? Would he take it out on her? The police have already been involved, it’s not going to stop though, unless she leaves… Ethical quandaries are part of this job. How to intervene in an ongoing domestic violence situation? I pray for them, what else can I do, it sounds like it’s not enough, she needs to make a choice, then everything else will follow.

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