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395. Beautiful People Part One

By bird_lovegod | 16 February 21 09:43pm | Good Deeds

Every Tuesday I deliver food parcels and other support to people here in Sheffield. This was my Tuesday 16th February 2021.

The first visit was to a young woman, early twenties maybe. 

So comes down from her high rise flat and I hand her big bags of a duvet and a new pillow, nicely donated by someone in the Fulwood area.  She spoke almost no English, although I had been able to have text conversations with her, presumably she cuts and pastes into google translate or some such. I ask where she’s from, Saudi Arabia, and I wonder how she came to be alone in England. 

She passes me a letter from the electricity company, it has the account details on it, and explains they aren’t giving out cards ‘due to covid’ although how that makes any difference I don’t know, it sounds more like a cost cutting / streamlining exercise. I take the letter and tell her I’ll be back in an hour, once I’ve topped it up.

She goes back indoors and I phone the next person, they live in the same tower block, but I’ve learned from experience to only invite people down one at a time, mostly because it saves them any embarrassment, and also, you never know how long these calls can take or what other issues arise…

Continued next post.

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