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393. People helping people helping people

By bird_lovegod | 16 February 21 11:20am | Good Deeds

One of the households we support has in turn started supporting another household, an elderly man who lives on his own. The lady we support phoned and told us about him, and requested we only get him microwave meals and pot noodles and things like that. Shopping, I thought to add in some bacon and sausages, and some tins of good soup, of course he’s going to like that. The lady happened to phone again whilst I was in the checkout queue and I mentioned I’d got those items as well. She said no, it’s no good. he can’t look after himself and he can’t cook those. He doesn’t have a frying pan. Or a saucepan. He has nothing to cook in, all he has is a microwave and a kettle, one plate, a cup, one knife and fork, a spoon…

Trying to get some more council support for this old fella because also his windows don’t close properly and he’s cold.

Also gave him a big duvet and bedding, so that’s going to help.

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