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378. Food parcel collected from Foodworks

By bird_lovegod | 20 January 21 12:42pm | Good Deeds

There’s an organisation called Foodworks in Sheffield, they started about 5 years ago apparently, they collect unsold food from supermarkets and sell it for a very low cost (almost free) to people in need, or anyone who turns up at their warehouse. Here’s a really nice selection, for one of our guys. Unfortunately we can’t buy all our food parcels from them.

And I’m going to write a more in depth article about this, because whilst it seems like a win / win, the supermarkets are actually benefitting in a way that’s almost exploitative. They used to have to pay to get rid of excess food, now they don’t. But do they pay Foodworks for collecting it? Nope. They save money and pretend it’s charitable, when actually it’s a cost saving exercise for them. What do you think?

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