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299. A contact on LinkedIn needs help. A load of people get involved.

By EMEditor | 28 September 20 10:50am | Good Deeds

It’s impressive when proper, professional social platforms work to support people, and I’m specifically talking about LinkedIn here and definitely not talking about Twitter or Facebook or any others.

A contact on LinkedIn, ex forces, who shares their personal life and talks openly about physical and mental health posted that the mother of his young son had been diagnosed with lung cancer and was going to die. He then posted again, asking if anyone had any ideas about acquiring a car, so he could do activities with his son, and have more family time. In one of the comments, someone created a GoFundMe page, and here it is. and below you can read the campaign.

“This is my son Lewis. He’s 9 years old. A few days ago we’ve found out that his mom has only a few months left to live. She’s been battling cancer, and now it’s spread to her lungs, with no chance of recovery. . Lewis already had his last birthday with his mom, without even knowing it was the last… We’re hoping we can make it to have the last shared Xmas with her. Every precious moment spent together is soon going to be just a memory. . As Lewis’ dad, I want to help them to make the most of those last moments. I have not been together with his mum for over 4 years, and she’s given me the biggest gift of my life – my son Lewis… Now those final moments is my chance to support her in the best way I can before she’s gone. . Lewis lives with me full time. At the moment he can only see his mom over the weekends, travelling by bus. . If I had a car, I could take them places together to experiences things together and build memories for Lewis. Having a car would also mean he can see his mom during the week as well, which at the moment isn’t possible for how long it takes us to get home on the bus. . So it’s about being more flexible and allowing Lewis to spend more time with his mom and to go to places with his mom which currently we can’t do. . I don’t want those last months to go by, just to realise they haven’t been able to do much together, when it’s already too late. Therefore, I’m raising money for a car – your support would help us to make the most of those precious last moments. . I would love to help my son to spend as much time as possible with his mom, to make it as positive as it can be, and create those lasting memories for times when his mom is no longer with us. . Having a car would also mean that Lewis can continue attending the school his mom wanted him to go to, as at the moment 6-hour bus ride will not continue to be an option. . Carrying on with the same school and keeping his current friends, would ensure the least possible change and disruption to Lewis at this difficult time after losing his mom.”

He posted on Friday, and by Monday there’s enough to buy a car.

We donated, and are inspired. This is what we are growing with EthicalMuch, a system for people to support people. See, it can be done.

Here’s a link to the chaps LinkedIn page,

And a reminder of the link to the GoFundMe, should you with to support.

£20 donated, funded by collective fund.

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