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258./ Boost the juice

By bird_lovegod | 30 June 20 11:43am | Good Deeds

Ten pounds of electric. Imagine living so day to day, so close to the edge, that £10 worth of electricity has to be rationed over the week. How stressful it is, when the electricity starts to go low, a few pounds left, then £1, then 20p … it’s a countdown to cut off, it may as well be oxygen that’s running down, it’s so vital. Living without electricity is not an option. It literally isn’t. This family has children, how can one live without electricity. So money has to be found. Has to be. Non negotiable. And so it goes on. Every day, every week, every month, every year. The relentless anti glamour of poverty, grinding the shine from life, dulling the edges of hope and reason. Our weekly £10 top up takes the pressure off, just a little, provides a glimmer of hope maybe. When we are able we will do more. Next time, £15. X

Funded by EthicalMuch reserves. We ran out of donations for a week, too busy dealing with business stuff, but it’s OK, more has come in since then. We knew it would, it always does, and in the event of a dry season we’ll cover it ourselves. It may be business, but trust me, it’s personal.

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