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242./ And a delivery to the neighbour.

By EMEditor | 23 June 20 06:39pm | Good Deeds

Some of our recipients live next door, or very close to each other. This is handy for deliveries, but it just worked out that way because of how we put cards through everyones letterboxes. Anyway, we all had a good chat for twenty minutes outside, nattering away like neighbours do. This chap rang back an hour or so later wanting to know if we can top up the food parcel with some meat. Likes his meat. So yes, we’ll do that in the next day or so. Man can’t live on tins alone. The Church food parcels are great for essentials, and there’s loads there, but they aren’t allowed to accept, or donate, fresh meat for example, or fresh veg, so we’ll step in and add the freshness. Perfect.

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