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200./ Electricity top up

By EMEditor | 20 May 20 02:24pm | Good Deeds

The lady in the previous post is looking after a household where no adult speaks English. It wasn’t possible for us to co ordinate the service for them, but it’s working very well with the lady as an intermediary.

So here, for the 200th Good Deed on the site, a £15 electricity top up to keep the family going for another week.

It’s interesting to look back, we’ve done more Good Deeds in the last two months than the ten months previously. EthicalMuch started as an experiment, to make the most ethical social media platform possible.

We thought we would be a place where people could post good news, and where for every good deed posted, we used to donate a few ££ to charity, businesses sponsoring good deeds…we were a kind of charity fundraising media platform at the beginning of 2020. Then when CV19 happened, we started doing a few food deliveries. Then a few a day.

And from there, we are here, supporting families with food, electricity, new bedding, and more, and being the only conversation or human contact some people have that day, or even that week.

Thank you to everyone who donated, I hope you like the way we use your funds, and I hope we represent your generosity and kindness in action.

Thank you to Derek for supporting this family.

Thank you everyone. If you like what we do, join us, and donate.

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