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192./ A weeks shopping to take the pressure of poverty off.

By EMEditor | 17 May 20 08:30pm | Good Deeds

This guy sounded like he really needed help, it was the first time he’d contacted us, and had low expectations. He phoned rather than texted because he get’s free phone calls at the weekend from Tesco mobile, even though he had no credit for texts.

Whatever the reason, he ended up being bought a full weeks worth of shopping. It’s good that we can do more than just the minimum, that we can show generosity and kindness, because that’s what are donors are, generous, and kind, and wanting to make people feel supported and cared for.

He asked if he could volunteer to help with deliveries, or help in some way.

Very kindly funded by S.B x Thank you for your generosity.

Donate via GoFundMe and make more great kindness happen.

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