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147./ A young family and a ten hour contract

By EMEditor | 23 April 20 05:27pm | Good Deeds

The mum from this family got in touch on Monday asking if we could help with electricity top ups, we asked her to contact her utility company first to see if they could help and to let us know, and she got back to us today saying she had sorted the electricity out, but could we perhaps help with a food parcel.

So of course we were happy to, it’s clear she is doing everything she can. So we took two bags round, and had a chat with her, and her partner. He was working full time at a bookies, but of course now they are closed, and because he was only on a ten hour contract that’s all he’s getting paid for. Apparently the bookmakers have all non managerial staff on ten hour contracts, even when the staff are doing full time hours. This way technically the staff are part time. Which probably also impacts their holiday pay, sick pay, etc etc etc. How typical of a gambling company to exploit their own employees whilst profiting £2M a day, according to the little bit of research I just did.

It’s one step up from a zero hour contract. Ten hour contracts, with another 30 hours on top, non contracted. So of course now the family, including 15 month old baby, are now on almost no money.

We’ll keep helping them. Business mentality needs to change in these new times. It really does.

This kindness happened because Paul F and Howard donated via our GoFundMe

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