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145./ Word spreads. Kindness spreads.

By EMEditor | 22 April 20 05:22pm | Good Deeds

Two weeks ago today we delivered about 80 postcards offering our services. People started phoning and texting in literally within minutes. There was four deliveries that same day, or was it five.

Now, two weeks later, and only another 100 cards delivered, calls are still coming in. Call and texts are coming from people who have never had a card. We’re onto the third or fourth generation now, G1 being people who received a card, G2 being their friends, and G3 the next, and now the next. We’re delivering in areas we never carded, to people who’ve just heard, been told, there’s a number you can text or phone and they’ll help you out.

I do these deliveries, I meet the people, I know for certainty they need all the help we can give.

Anyway, here’s another, in a basically unending infinite list. We’ve found a way to serve people, feed the hungry, provide for them, those with the least, and most in need. And they’re supporting their friends by spreading the word.

I’m adding music videos today because I’m feeling it! Where’s that laugh / cry emoji when you need it eh?! Next up bitter sweet symphony…

This hand reaching out into the void to pass an Aldi bag of shopping and toilet roll was majestically funded by Staff Sargent Rob V via our GoFundMe. Hope I got your rank right Soldier.

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