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144./ Mad World indeed.

By EMEditor | 22 April 20 04:55pm | Good Deeds

Buying the shopping for todays deliveries, there was a busker outside Aldi. Playing his guitar. He was good. I asked him if he wanted anything getting. He did that shrugging thing which means yes, but I don’t like to ask. In fact he showed me a few tins someone had bought him. Like he had enough, you know, with those two tins. I asked him if he had somewhere to cook, where he was living, and yes, he does. Then it was my turn to go into the shop, so I just told him I’d get him something.

After I did the two shops that had rang and texted in, I filled a bag for him, some chicken drum sticks, and bread and cheese and milk and juice and tins. Normally I’m really conscious of trying to keep in budget, for this man, I just didn’t care. So tired of trying to decide if someone should have two tins of soup, or three.

I gave him the bag of shopping when I left, chatted, asked him if he could play Mad World, he could, a few bars, and we chatted, his name was Russel I think I remember, he said he’s share the food around, I told him I know, I could tell. A good day for him, I hope, I think, lot’s of food to take home and share, and at home I sit and listen to Mad World and cry.

Dear God this World was mad before and now it’s even madder.

This spontaneous kindness and recognition of shared humanity was sponsored by Rob V via our GoFundMe.

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