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102./ Lucazade for the man.

By bird_lovegod | 25 March 20 06:46pm | Good Deeds

I was cycling on my hour exercise and saw a guy sitting on the street. I felt for him, I always do, if he has a home, I don’t know, but he was just sitting there, so I asked him if he needed anything. He asked for a bottle of Lucozade, so I went to the little shop and bought him 4 bottles. So he had enough, either to share, or just so he had an abundance of something.

He was really happy and I could see he felt a bit more secure, a bit more like he had resources.

Again, thank you to the people who buy my artworks and fund these Compassions. I use 50% of the sale price of every artwork to do good deeds, and I document them all. This was funded by someone buying a £10 artwork. A drawing, of a bird.

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