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Results: What we did in April 2020

By EMEditor | 4 May 20 02:53pm | Editors Choice

Here’s a summary report of what we did as Community Support in Sheffield in April:

We began distributing aid parcels on Wednesday the 9th April, initiated by putting cards through letterboxes in housing areas we determined would have a high likelihood of need. This began on Good Deed 115

The response from those cards showed a real and immediate demand for community support. We formalised our processes and procedures and continued to deliver aid packages for the remainder of the month.

We also responded to the need of utility top ups by purchasing electricity for people on pre pay systems. Food and fuel poverty are evident and go hand in hand. People are having to make choices between food purchase and electricity purchase. The electricity is also required for cooking for many people, as well as heating, and also television, which is a necessity more than a luxury in these times, especially important with keeping people informed on Government advice and awareness of the ‘outside World’ beyond their own flats.

Within 1 week were getting requests for help from people in areas we had not put cards through. The service spread by word of mouth. We are able to identify there are now 4 generations of word of mouth from the initial card distributions.

For every delivery we ask if there is anyone in house with food allergies or intolerance. If there is we will not purchase those food items. We also ask if there are religious or cultural requirements, including Halal, Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian. We are aware when Ramadan begins.

We also start delivering toiletries and hygiene supplies including washing powder, bleach, hand sanitiser and soaps, and other essentials.

We have made contact with the Council operated support services and have referred clients to them when approved by the client.

We have had requests from our clients offering to help us in delivering our services to others. We are working out how to facilitate this, it will probably happen organically.

We have created a GoFundMe page so people can donate through that system, as well as directly to us, which some prefer.

We have received donations of food which we have distributed in addition to our ‘buy and deliver’ system.

We have also purchased items to create care packages to give to homeless people, rough sleepers, and people in obvious and apparent need.

April – Summary in numbers

Good Deeds numbers 110 – 165 inclusive.

Total number of aid deliveries: 46

Number of food deliveries: 42

Number rough sleeper parcels: 3

Number Utility top ups: 4

Other Good Deeds: 10

Referrals to additional services: 1

Total community support actions: 56

Number of donations received: 18

Value of donations received: £495

Value of donations spent: £586.92

We were able to spend in excess of our donations due to having a small amount initially in our Good Deed Fund.

The above numbers are accurate to the best of our knowledge although may be slightly adjusted once the months accounts are formally done.

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