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Cambodia 133

By bird_lovegod | 2 February 24 12:16pm | EthicalMuch Cambodia

I trust you are well.
Now, I would like to send you more family have received food parcel from EM Cambodia.
We have delivered food parcel to Khem Pok and her husband name Goy Kim. They have 5 children, 3 married and 2 single.
Currently, Khem Pok and her husband Goy Kim served God in Kompot province, Good News Church, and their all children areworking as construction worker in Kompong Som province.

Food parcels items are:
Premium egg noodles, Pure refined sugar. Salted soybean, Mackerel In tomato sauce, soap, Toothpaste and Fish sauce.

Total expense: $ 8
Praise the Lord for his glory 


Thank you very much for your loving heart for Cambodia people 



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