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Here’s five ways Ai is helping companies become more ethical.

By EMEditor | 2 August 19 04:31am | Business News

We found this post on EthicalMuch member WinnowSolutions blog, well worth a proper look. Here’s a brief summary below, worth reading the Full article here:

1./ Using the power of Deepmind Ai, Google cut the energy required to cool its data centres by 40%. In real terms, that’s a lot!

2./ Google also helps understand the impact of overfishing using Ai on the Global Fishing Watch Platform. In partner with SKYTRUTH (yes that’s a real thing!)

3./ Artifical Intelligence is also helping reduce the use of sprayed chemicals on agriculture produce, that’s food, by 90%.

4./ And is also helping detect leaks and water wastage and damage.

5./ And of course, is also cutting food waste dramatically in the kitchens where Winnow Solutions are implemented.

Read the full piece here on Winnows own company blog. Much to feel good about!

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