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Continuous Professional Development is a must for PR agencies in the currents of continuous change.

By EMEditor | 1 August 19 02:35pm | Business News

Just picked up on this subject, posted on CannonPR, and it’s given some food for thought. How much do PR agencies lead the change, and how much do they follow it?

Ethics is becoming a major issue, more so every day, climate crisis, politics, volatility in society, and the role of business in creating stability and positive culture. All these factors are influenced by PR agencies, but are they proactive or reactive? Getting in front of the issues, or just dealing with the fallout from not doing so?

What even is the role of PR in these times? A quote from Cannon gives cause for optimism:

Ultimately it’s a win-win. For clients it illustrates an agency’s commitment to delivering effective, ethical communications strategies – but crucially it also illustrates that they are committed to uphold the highest standards of professional PR practice. A commitment to undertaking CPD illustrates a commitment to the profession.

Continuous Professional Development in these times must include a reaffirmation of standards and professionalism, to remain grounded in truth, even as the rivers and seas, and sometimes floods, of change, rise.

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