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60 second interview with Sophie and Rob from … Elements. (At the Unbound event in London.)

By EMEditor | 17 July 19 02:27pm | Business News

What are you ELEMENTS..?

We are the pioneers of embedded talent consultancy …

Go on, explain!

So we essentially help tech unicorns (high growth tech companies) such as Spotify, iZettle, Deliveroo, we help them grow.

And how, how, how do you do this?

‘By embedding ourselves within their organisations and acting as true consultants within talent acquisition.’

Element swoop in as Talent Acquisition experts, working within the company to implement a workable strategy and process to enable high rates of growth for tech companies. Growth requires people, and frequently the limiting factor to growth, especially VC funded rapid growth, is the ability to hire and retain high functioning individuals and develop them into exceptionally high functioning teams.

Elements handle that entire process.


Come join us, we’re hiring! [email protected]

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