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100% slave free chocolate comes to the UK

By LaraB | 17 July 19 01:16pm | Business News

Running an anti-trafficking charity, I try to stay up to date with really great ethical buys. Recently, Tonys Chocolonoley blew me away. Not only do they pay their farmers living wages but they invest in the communities to encourage cooperatives and workers rights. They are committed to proving the chocolate industry that it’s possible to do supply chains ethically, make amazing chocolate and still market well to the public. And boy do they deliver. The chocolate is so good, my team are through 3 large bars in less than a day. They are the best selling chocolate in the Netherlands and they’re now in the UK!

You can find them at Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and some independent places. I can personally recommend the milk caramel sea salt…my team didn’t get a look in with that 😉

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Editor on 17th July 2019 13:18:31

Ethical MuNch! Nom Nom! ?

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