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OZ, prison drama from the late 90’s is brilliant and strangely inspirational

By bird_lovegod | 29 February 20 03:04pm | Art and Creativity

It’s true. It’s the excellent cast, and I mean really good, totally convincing, including these guys,

It’s also the ethical challenges of the thing, the evolution of the characters, the way they degenerate, sometimes regenerate, their spiritual dilemmas, the corruption of the system, the humanity of it. Even amongst the violence, the humanity of it is what somehow shines the brightest. It’s extraordinary, equal to the likes of Peaky Blinders in terms of narrative and addictive ness and frankly the artistry of it, the way one of the characters is also a narrator, seamlessly, the bringing in of new characters every episode, with a little introduction of their crime and sentence, it’s just totally brilliantly done.

If it were produced today it would be an absolute smash hit. The narrator monologues are performed like video art installations, infact, video art is almost always shit whereas these are consistently powerfully moving and elegantly and originally done. I can’t oversell this it’s genius.

Available on SKY, Amazon, and various platforms, Youtube and so on, it’s a little known gem of absolute polished brilliance. Once you’re in, it’s hard times trying to get out.

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