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It’s all part of a bigger picture

By bird_lovegod | 25 February 20 12:26pm | Art and Creativity

Art is a never ending story. Even a single piece has a beginning, for its material essence, yet the idea began way before then, and perhaps itself is a weave of thoughts and words and experiences and feelings, the threads coming together in a single cohesion which are then manifested into a material object. And from there, a million more threads are generated, a million more thoughts and feelings and experiences and words and ideas, and from these billions of fibres one day comes another cohesive thread, created by someone else, and these essences are once again material, only to trigger another million thoughts and words and feelings…

The beginning of Art was the Beginning, the very Beginning, of all things, perhaps even the Beginning of the Creator of all things. In the beginning was Art, and Artist, and that is all there ever is and all there ever has been and all there ever will be.

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