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4th October, day two, Phnom Penh.

By bird_lovegod | 4 October 19 05:27am | Art and Creativity

11.20 AM. Remember the cafe from yesterday, Connecting Hands? I just watched the video on their website. Please watch it yourself, so you can understand.

So now I’m crying, and I need to help.

I’ll email the charity, see what I can do.

I don’t have many words right now.

14.42. Just finished writing an article for the Yorkshire Post, doing some accounts, answering emails, and drinking mint tea, which I brought from UK. Not left hotel yet today, which is nice. Going for tea with the lady from Sunrise Charity, for 5pm.

Felt worried we didn’t have enough soft toys for all the children. Have asked PFC to confirm how many we are visiting next Tuesday. I thought it was a dozen, but it may be more than 60. Will buy some more. Have approved a list of food and medicines to take, around $600 worth, in addition to the things I brought from UK. Will hopefully get to go shopping for it all with the team. Learned what Pork Floss is.

(Imagine candy floss. But made from pork.) 5kg is a lot.

When I know how many children there are I’ll buy more soft toys.

I think I should have lunch, the thought of going outside freaks me out a bit. Maybe I’ll have noodles, or one of the Oats so simple I brought.

Here’s a photo from yesterday, at the PFC offices.

Cancelled the meeting this evening. Felt guided to do so. Feel to only work with PFC from now on, unless strongly guided otherwise.

I’ll write more about how this decision came about in the book.

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