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You were never really here… film review… inc spoilers.

By ethicalmuch_admin | 26 November 18 09:18pm | Uncategorised

Hmmm. I nearly went to see this at the Showroom. Glad I didn’t to be fair. It’s one of the films that seems to be ‘critically acclaimed’ … maybe I’m a pug but I just didn’t get it. Neither did my film aficionado friend Max. 

A PTSD afflicted vet (so far so familiar) a low end hitman type chap, weapon of choice, hammer, is called to rescue a politicians troubled young daughter. He walks around the house / brothel whilst stoving in heads with his hammer, whilst no one says anything.

He rescues the girl, but the baddies are now hunting him and killing everyone in his life, including his elderly mother, whom he gives a dignified send off to by wrapping her in black bin liners and duct tape and sinking her in a pond.

He then hunts down the killers, and kills them.

Apart from the one the girl herself kills.

There’s lots of flashbacks, he likes to auto asphixiate to relax, and despite the above, there’s not really any action as such. Certainly no typical cinematic devices like plot, suspense, characters, or anything that doesn’t make you go eh?

Overall, the best thing about this film is it’s quite short. 

Max rating: 45%

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