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We Sponsor Rebecca.

By EMEditor | 15 March 19 10:39am | Uncategorised

Rebecca is a 5 year old girl in Ghana. Here’s the information we can share with you right now.

Name: Rebecca

Age: 5
Country: Ghana
Bio: Preferred name: Rebecca
Guardians: Mother
Mother/female guardian occupation: Hairdresser

Rebecca is an only child in her household.

Art or Drawing

Rolling a ball

UK school year equivalent: Year 1
Correspondence language: English
Closest major city: Tarkwa Community: Forested, Rural
Most commonly spoken language(s): Asante Twi
No. residents: 8,000
Most common occupation(s): • Day Labour
Subsistence Farming
Typical house construction: • Roof: Tin/Corrugated Iron • Wall: Brick/Block/Cement • Floor: Cement
Regional diet: • Bananas
• Beans
• Bread
• Cabbage • Cassava • Egg
• Fish
• Goat
• Maize
• Plantains • Rice

Bless you Rebecca. Ethical Much and the members will help support you and your family.

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