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Summers back!

By EMEditor | 28 June 19 12:40pm | Uncategorised

The weekend is almost upon us. Time to head off to the beautiful blue flag beaches of Britain or simply set up camp in the back garden and invite friends and family around for a bbq extravaganza. Below you’ll find a few things that will make those salad days seem even better.

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You may not always be sitting on the glorious sands of Perranporth or huddled in a fisherman’s cottage in Mevagissey. But this Tolly McRae Cornish Blue picnic blanket will certainly evoke those images and feelings. Made from pure wool. Designed to be used outdoors as a picnic blanket and indoors as a ‘keep me warm’ blanket. It comes with a fine leather strap that is made in Walsall, which neatly folds it up, making is easier to carry and store. When your thoughts drift to Kernow. Grab your Cornish Blue blanket and dream away.

Made in Oxfordshire, The West Midlands & Southern Ireland.

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