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Show How Much You Love Someone … In the style of Sean Connery.

By ethicalmuch_admin | 24 January 19 04:25pm | Uncategorised

We’re always happy to share good news and ethical businesses and this made us smile… Shmyle infact 😛

Recently launched business – it stands for Show How Much You Love Someone and pronounced how Sean Connery would say Smiles…

“I’m on a mission to create a marketplace for ethical jewellery brands – some of our brands only use recycled materials and others give back a percentage of profits to charity. But whatever the motive if they are doing good things for our planet or the people in we want to champion them!”

That’s cool, we like that, ethical stuff is good we reckon.

We’ll hear more from Shmyls soon … Until then, keep Shmyling 🙂

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