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Digital Minister announces code of conduct for Social Media platforms. Will it make any difference?

By ethicalmuch_admin | 5 February 19 10:53am | Uncategorised

Facebook and Instagram are the main culprits in the dysfunctional relationships people are forming with themselves and each other online.

Algorythmic content delivery is akin to mental and emotional poisoning. The more you see disturbing content, the more it feeds you. That’s the core of the problem. Nearly used the word ‘evil’ there. It’s definitely counter to human wellbeing. Put it that way.

Finally, the digital minister is going to do something that might have an actual impact. Up to now the response from Government has been to ask Facebook to be nicer. This hasn’t worked. So now a ‘compulsory code’ of conduct uis being drawn up.

This, according to the Daily Mail.

Let’s see what happens next.

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