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16 Free Impact Toolkits and Resources

By CharityExcellence | 5 June 19 11:23am | Uncategorised

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These are some of the 4000+ resource links from the free Charity Excellence Framework online toolkit. It enables any non-profit to increase its impact, financial resources and overall performance, in every area. Users reported that it was having a real impact in every one of the 27 areas they assessed and rated both its ease of use and low workload 9/10. Everything is free – the toolkit, its resources and the Quality Mark.

Quick Guide

If you’re in a hurry, or a small charity, try this quick guide to managing and evaluating impact by Sally Fort.


  1. Impact Hub – impact network
  2. Inspiring Impact – peer network, resources, grants


  1. Inspiring Impact – self-assessment tool
  2. Social Value UK – self-assessment tool
  3. Impact Support – impact management made simple
  4. Social Value Hub – impact measuring guide
  5. Impactasuarus – impact reporting tool


  1. Theory of change – practical guide
  2. Are we really making a difference?
  3. Strategy for impact
  4. From inputs to impact
  5. Impact measurement for small charities
  6. The importance of measuring impact
  7. Comparing your impact to best practice
  8. Impact Reporting – what trustees need to know
  9. Impact Reporting for charities

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