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Boycott #4 These Three Things

By EMEditor | 21 November 18 02:08pm | Uncategorised

#1. Black Friday…

Consumerism and Americanisation of UK based retailers is not something we support. Encouraging people to part with money for things they may not necessarily want or need, all to boost sales in the build up to Christmas.  I can’t understand why UK retailers have adopted to promote Black Friday.  To counter balance this with our own ethos and ethics, we will donate an additional £1 to charity for every enquiry we receive for an insurance quote during November and help support our natural world instead.

#2. Meat & Dairy

We are boycotting meat and dairy for a couple of reasons – largely to because of the treatment of animals and the pain and suffering they go through to become food, we do not endorse this treatment and have been vegetarian/vegan for a while now, doing our bit to reduce the amount of meat consumed and ultimately poor treatment of animals.  Animals are our friends, we don’t want to hurt or eat them we want to live in harmony with them.  The environmental impact of dairy farming along with the treatment of the cows and their young is so upsetting, we do not support the dairy industry

#3. Plastic Straws and plastic as much as possible in general

Although we were aware of the waste caused by single use plastic, our eyes were truly opened when seeing David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2, along with other documentaries that have really highlighted the global issues caused by the waste from plastic.  Seeing animals struggling with life due to waste, caught up in plastic in the oceans, straws the turtles have inhaled – it is generally heart breaking to see.  We are causing the destruction therefore we are boycotting single use plastic to help make a difference.

Photo by Gem & Lauris RK on Unsplash

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