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In this season we are doing our best to spread good news, and the doing of Good Deeds. We’re delivering food parcels, utility top ups, warm bedding, and connecting people who can help with people in need. We’re mostly operating in Sheffield right now. There’s so much to do, and your membership supports the doing of it. Thank you absolutely.

We have a Good Deed fund which people contribute to, and which we use to cover the cost of buying food, utilities, and other essentials for people in need.

By joining EthicalMuch you’ve joined a real community of ethically minded people, businesses, and organisations. We’re growing every day, and every day more good is happening as a result.

You can now post onto the EM media platform. Just hit the Post Something tab in the menu and you’re good to go. Share what’s good.

Also, we may in touch to ask if you can provide specific help for specific individuals and families here in Sheffield. For example, we might put a shout out to our members for donations specific items, including furniture, bedding, children’s clothes, and so on. Also, if you happen to have something you think would be appreciated by a family in need in Sheffield let us know and we’ll find a grateful recipient.

Thanks again, our community is here to help, contact us any time with any questions. [email protected] will always be answered. Or you can contact our MD, Bird Lovegod, on 07535670581.

You can access your members account details using My Account tab at the very top of the website.

You’re beautiful.

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