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Who is the top dog? Most popular dog and cat names for 2021 revealed as vet app treats more than 200k pets in busiest year

By MacComms | 17 January 22 04:35pm | News and Views

Teddy, Bella, Milo and Luna were the most popular cat and dog names during 2021, according to leading veterinary care app Joii Pet Care.

During a year when pet ownership continued to rise as people worked at home during the Covid-19 lockdown periods, Joii’s platform reached a record 200k pet registrations. Looking at the trends for the year, Joii Pet Care’s annual review has revealed that during 2021:

  • Teddy was the most popular male dog name;
  • Bella hit the top spot for female dogs;
  • Milo was the most popular moniker for male cats;
  • Luna grabbed first position for female cats.

In fact, the list of top five names (male and female)  for 2021  changed very little compared to 2020. The full breakdown below shows how the popularity of female dog names remained the same year-on-year, while Teddy became number one male dog name in 2021 after previously being in fifth position.

2021 male 2020 male2020 female2021 female

For felines, both Milo and Luna held the top position across 2020 and 2021, while Tilly and Alfie didn’t make the top five in 2021.

2021 male  2020 male 2021 female2020 female

The Joii app offers pet owners affordable and convenient access to remote consultations with registered vets and nurses 24/7, via their smartphones. It also has a free symptom checker and the latest technology to diagnose pets from the comfort of their home – reducing any stress for the animal and providing convenience for owners.

Throughout the year, Joii’s team of vets and nurses delivered more than 1 million minutes of virtual pet care for pet parents. And according to their symptom checker, the most common symptoms during 2021 were: –

  1. Vomiting
  2. Skin problems
  3. Diarrhoea
  4. Coughing
  5. Eye problems

Vet Dr Samantha Webster of Joii Pet Care said: “Our teams have once again worked tirelessly to provide expert advice, support and treatment for a range of symptoms during 2021. We’re often described as the ‘111’ of veterinary care and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet and help so many adorable pets throughout the year.

“Pet ownership is continuing to rise in the UK as people have more time at home and we don’t expect that trend to end soon. We’re proud to be able to support so many pet parents 24/7, many of whom have been struggling to access in-person appointments for a range of reasons including Covid-19 lockdowns, periods of self-isolation, reduced vet practice opening hours or rising costs of vet bills.”

Joii Pet Care was launched in 2019 by experienced vets Robert Dawson and Sarah Warren, and tech entrepreneur Paul Hallett. It was built by a team of experts using cutting edge technology and developed to tackle the rising costs of vet care.

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