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Waitrose opens a B Corp grocery store on it’s website. Which means what?

By EMEditor | 7 August 19 05:35pm | News and Views

Previously published in February … Ok. Background.

B Corp is a certification that business can apply for which means they put people and planet on equal footing to profit. It’s a bit like an Organic or Fair Trade certification, although it’s a bit deeper than that because the articles of association, the ‘rules of the company’ need to be amended in a legal process, so it’s a real thing, not green washing or Pseudoethicalisation. (Fake ethical in a nutshell.)

So, Waitrose, one of the top end supermarkets, has a catagory on it’s website just for B Corps.

Some of the B Corp Brands …

This is a fairly big deal, and shows the beginning of the mainstreamification of the B Corp movement. To put in in perspective, if all businesses were B Corps, it would change the World dramatically. So for Waitrose to give shoppers… (we never use the word ‘consumers’; it’s reductive and insulting to describe a member of the most creative species on the Planet as a ‘consumer’,) … it’s a great step.

As more and more companies become B Corps it would be fantastic to see Waitrose have an in store aisle. Perhaps along with the plastic free produce.

Find out more about B Corps here.

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