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The social inhibitions of good deeds. (A poem)

By EMEditor | 15 July 19 03:11pm | News and Views

Today I did a goodly thing, small but kind and sweet.

But I cared for what imagined people thought,

So shared it not, and told no one, and no credit then was sought.

But neither was the darkness lit,

Nor hope of goodness spread,

No encouragement then was given, to others, to do like what I did.

No joy was brought to readers, nor happiness to scroll, no smile to lips was given by this so I took approach more bold.

I posted my Good Deed on EthicalMuch, to see what then would be.

A hundred people read it, and realised they were just like me.

Doing good deeds in silence, hiding them in the dark, being shamed by ones own kindness, and guarded of our heart.

Is that how we should treat our light?

Is that how to heal the World?

By hiding goodness scroll in secret drawer not brining out unfurled?

I say make flags of goodly deeds!

I say wave them all about!

I say shout Good Deeds from roofs and trees,

And blow the darkness out!

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