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Marks and Spencers get it wrong.

By ethicalmuch_admin | 30 November 18 12:29pm | News and Views

True story this. I was in M&S in Sheffield yesterday evening, bargain hunting again. (Like this).

I get chatting to a nice lady, she even gives me a chocolate tart thing from her basket, because it was the last one. We just chat. She wishes me merry Christmas. 

I meet her again at the checkout, again, we’re just chatting away, she’s got loads of shopping, the man asks her if she would like a bag, 10p or 15P? She opts for the 15p one, then there’s a pause as the man hands it over. It’s covered in pigs. Images of pigs. ‘Oh… she says … I don’t want that one’. Of course, the lady is a Muslim. To her, pigs are considered unclean, therefor she obviously isn’t going to want to carry her families food shopping home in bags covered with pigs. 

M&S … really… you didn’t think of that? The bag in the picture is a cold bag, but the carrier bags have the same printed pattern. Yes, they are those fluffy pig sweets, not actual pigs, but they are images, representations, of pigs. 

People of the Jewish faith may also have issue with carrying food home in a bag covered in pigs. I suspect Mr Michael Marks, the Jewish gentleman from Poland, the co founder with Mr Spencer, might agree.

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