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Look at these beautiful birds!

By EMEditor | 12 July 19 03:29pm | News and Views

These are baby Hen Harriers, the photo was kindly sent by a nice chap called Chris, on behalf of the Moorland Association and Swinton Estate.

Swinton Estates are custodians of the land, and the creatures upon it, and as such, have a great responsibility for the welfare of all wildlife there.

There is no greater measure of our own humanity, our decency, our goodness, than our attitude towards other living beings. Especially those for whom we hold the power of life or death.

Do we take pleasure in saving life, in nurturing it, supporting it? Or do we take pleasure in the opposite?

Our actions speak for us, as individuals, and collectively. Words are not needed in this, they only obscure the truth. Our deeds speak for us, the fruits of our acts the true measure of our souls.

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