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Ethical is a ladder. With infinite rungs.

By EMEditor | 3 August 19 05:16pm | News and Views

We are our ethics, in action. And in inaction. In thought and word and deed. We are the expression of our ethics in what we do, and say, and think.

So what is ethical? What does it even mean?

Are some things, ‘ethical’ and others ‘unethical’? Is it as binary as that?

Or is it more of a scale, and everything is somewhere on there?

Here at Ethical Much we see ethical as a ladder. Every person, every business, every organisation. We are all on the same ladder, and the aim is to move upwards, one rung at a time. Indivdually, and collectively.

As a guide, we believe ‘acting in accordance with the benefit of life’ is a good measure of how ethical something is.

It shapes the present, and it shapes tomorrow. Humans are so many, and so influential, our actions determine the future of every living thing on Earth, and quickly.

Let’s talk about ethics, and being ethical, and try some new ideas, and ways, and let’s see what we can do together.

And you can join and be part of the movement upwards.

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