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Two boys lived changed

By EMEditor | 16 August 22 07:02pm | Lives Changed

Life Transformation Number 2.

We first met the grandma and the 7 year old boy whilst delivering food parcels in the rural village. The young boy looks quite unhappy. The older boy, aged 12, is out working on a mango farm, with the grandpa, helping earn a few dollars. The grandma explained the situation, that being that she and her husband are unable to support the boys, there’s very little money coming in. Both parents are absent, the mother deceased.
Ethical Much considered the best course of action to take, in the short, medium, and long term

Ethical Much determines the following:
It’s vital for the boys to receive an education, for the immediate benefit, and medium and long term life prospects.
For this to happen they need to be enrolled in school, and be provided with uniforms and equipment.
The grandparents need ongoing financial support to support the boys.
Regular checkups should be made on the family to ensure all is well and progressing.

In discussion with the grandmother the following plan is agreed:
The boys will be provided with school equipment.
They will be enrolled in the local school.
They will not work on the mango farm or other employment.
The grandparents will receive a $25 carers allowance each month.
The family will receive a food parcel once a month.
These will be delivered each month by Muylen, our EM Cambodia representative.
In addition she will identify any other issues, confirm the agreement is working, and document the family progress.
It’s decided there is to be no time limit to the support.
We will support the boys into adulthood, helping them achieve their potential.
And help support the grandparents into their old age.
The plan will commence with immediate effect.

The following week school uniforms were purchased for both boys.
They will receive new uniforms every year as part of the care plan.
Cost: $40 from kindness fund

A few days later equipment was purchased for the boys.
This includes pens, pencils, ruler, pencil case, and rucksacks.
Cost: $22

A few days later, the grandmother provides a copy of the school enrolment certificate to Muylen.
Things can certainly move quite quickly here in Cambodia, once the obstacle of lack of money is removed.

The boys are now dressed and ready for school.
One of them looks a bit more enthusiastic than the other!
The bike in a background is, we are told, borrowed from a neighbour.
It’s a good half hours walk to the school from their house, so in a few months we might invest in a pair of bikes for them. They go to school six days a week, from Monday to Saturday.
They study 7am the morning to 11am one week and the next week they do the afternoon shift of 1pm to 5pm.
A good start.
Muylen will be checking up on them every month, and taking another food parcel and handing over the carers allowance, and identifying any other issues or needs.
It’s exciting to think that this work has changed the direction of their young lives.
Thank you EM supporters, it’s all from you.

One month later:
Muylen took the boys grandma (now their carer) their monthly food parcel, including 15kg of rice, and also gave her the $25 carers allowance to help support them. In addition, 2 desks, fore the boys to do their homework at! The older boy is very happy he’s now at school and making friends rather than working on a mango farm. The younger boy is starting to feel the same… took him a few weeks to settle into the routine.

$45 / £40 from the Subscriber Kindness Fund… thank you all for changing the lives of these two boys… we will keep you posted on their progress.

The boys are looking happier, here they are receiving the monthly food support, the grandma also receives $25 carers allowance.

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