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126./ Good Friday food delivery

By EMEditor | 10 April 20 05:15pm | Good Deeds

A lady texted in and we had a few conversations. She has complicated dietary requirements. We decided the best way was for her to go to Aldi, near her home, and we would meet her there, and pay for the items she herself chose.

She did this and it went very well.

She was also able to budget much better than our own ‘In House’ Good Deeder is able to! Her shop came to £14.79 which is 21p within budget.

Good work from her and happy to help!

Isn’t it a strange time… going to the shops, wearing a mask and gloves, long queue to get in, everyone 2m apart, … it’s like a strange foreign land where everything is different.

Good time to be of service though.

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