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56./ A hot chocolate, and a door to another life.

By EMEditor | 17 June 19 03:38pm | Good Deeds

I’m in Leeds, coming from a meeting, looking for a good deed to do before I head for the train.

A guy is asking a woman for change. I ask him what he needs.

“A white hot chocolate, with mint.”

We’re outside a Starbucks, it’s his regular order. He hovers outside as I go in. I ask him to come with me. Often homeless people, and beggars, they feel so socially outcast they won’t even go into places like cafes. Literally, they are confined to the streets, in a World of doors, they feel unable to open any, nor welcomed by whatever is on the other side.

I’m pleased to see he’s decided to join me inside, leaving his sleeping bag in the doorway.

I buy him the hot chocolate, with cream, and all the extras, he helps himself to sugar sachets.

I know he has his addictions, and pain. I share some words of kindness and encouragement, tell him of a door he might like to open one day.

Donate to Once Upon A Smile charity please.

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Editor on 17th June 2019 15:55:54

Donation made: Thanks for your donation, Ethical £5.00 “We truly believe that without your generosity and support Once Upon a Smile would not be able to continue to support bereaved families at their time of need. Thank you for allowing us to be there for families when they most need us most and THANK YOU for your generosity.”

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