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303. Just meat.

By EMEditor | 6 October 20 06:10pm | Good Deeds

This chap contacted us for food parcels back in April or May, and after a three months or so, we began transitioning some of our people onto food parcels from local churches. But every now and again he gets in touch wanting ours, because honestly, they’re the best. They actually are, because food banks reply on donations of food, which means tins, packets, and not fresh meat, infact, they aren’t typically allowed to accept donations of fresh food. Our system however, both the donations of money, and the collective fund powered by subscriptions, enable us to buy fresh food and deliver it an hour later. So when he contacts us asking is we can just bring meat, we know what he wants, and we do. Fishcakes, a steak, bacon, pork belly, pork sausages, chicken kievs, and a chicken casserole, ready to cook. Meat for the week.

£13.49, funded by Jim

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