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290./ More Electricity

By EMEditor | 27 August 20 04:40pm | Good Deeds

Wouldn’t it be amazing, to have an electricity company that added a 10% premium to electricity bills, and used this premium to subsidise electricity for people on very low incomes? So yes, your electricity might cost a few extra pounds each month, but so what? What a few extra pounds, really. A coffee, or a sandwich, it’s nothing really.

All those insignificant extra couple of quids could eliminate fuel poverty in the UK. Energy companies are always trying to be the cheapest, usually by bundling the options in a way that’s almost impossible to understand. And the difference between them is marginal in reality.

Better to be the most hyperethical company, the one that doesn’t compete on price, but instead, competes on impact. Soon, ladies and gentlemen, soon.

£10 electricity. Funded by Bird Lovegod from art sales.

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