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272. And a basket of lovely goodies for new baby and mother.

By EMEditor | 17 July 20 04:26pm | Good Deeds

Thursday, happened to drive past a charity called Baby Basics whilst out doing a good deed for the soon to be mum. Went on the BabyBasics website, sent an email, got a reply within a few minutes, had a phone call with them, sent another email cc’ing in the foodbank we do deliveries for on a Tuesday, and a hour later I was picking up a Moses basket full of baby essentials and a couple of bags of clothes and toys for the toddler sister and brought them round to the new mum to be who is going into hospital to have the baby on Saturday. The charity have been amazingly quick, they were going to close the next day for three weeks to give all the staff some time off, and so from start to finish they sorted everything out within two hours. Some things have definitely got more efficient lately. And I think people have got kinder.

Big thanks to Baby Basics for gifting this

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