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253./ Back to Good old Aldi

By EMEditor | 25 June 20 06:12pm | Good Deeds

I’ve missed going to Aldi! Got some great memories from the branch near London Rd in Sheffield, I’ve got to know many of the staff, and they know me, usually shopping for 3 or 5 people at the same time, every day. Happy memories at Aldi, I really like the place. Also, it’s crazily good value.

Four jars of honey of a big loaf of brown bread for £5.12p. Ridiculous.

The four jars are for one of our regulars, a nice chap who was really happy to have received a jar in his food parcel a week or so ago. I thought to get him 4 jars, so he’ll have an absolute abundance of it. It’s a present, a gift.

And suitably it’s funded by a company called StreetBees, the CEO bought a small artwork, and £10 from the sale goes to do a great Good Deed or two. Have a look at the StreetBees site, they even have a ‘Mood of the World’ map. Brilliant.

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