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223./ Final good deed for the day

By EMEditor | 12 June 20 04:23pm | Good Deeds

One bag from Aldi, the other from STC Church. It’s really good because it means we can give twice as much. It also means we can scale, help more people. It’s a good partnership, because the Church is part of a network of foodbanks, they have loads of resources, and yet they can’t provide fresh food, in the same way we can, they can’t provide utility top ups, like we can, and they can’t outreach into poor areas like we can. So between us it’s a better service, a more comprehensive service, and we can expand the reach. There’s no way most of our clients could come to the actual food banks, there’s no way for them to even find out about them easily, and it’s also hard for them to register with the banks. We bridge the gap. Church, Business, and People, working together to support people in need.

Very kindly funded by Ursula on GoFundMe

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