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183./ Food delivery and replacement towels and bedding.

By EMEditor | 11 May 20 11:10am | Good Deeds

We delivered this chap his weekly parcel, he’s a regular, and we chatted, the changeable weather is bothering his arthritis, and he tells us his towels and socks were in a bag in the laundry room in the housing block, and someone picked them up.

As luck would have it, we’ve been inundated with offers of duvets, blankets, and bedding in the last week. So we asked him when he needed, and will sort him out with that later in the week. Socks we can get him from Aldi, or a supermarket, towels also one would think. Forgot to get him washing power. Will get him that as well.

Kindly provided for by U via our GoFundMe

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