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177./ Electricity top up and nearly the weekend.

By EMEditor | 8 May 20 05:00pm | Good Deeds

It’s been a long week, and it’s nice to be able to have helped so many people, and amazing how many people have donated and supported.

Final good deed for the week (probably) , buying £15 electricity for a family of 4 who are really struggling financially.

( Bit of info here… anecdotally we are hearing that people have been asking their electricity supplier for extra help in these times. The suppliers have been giving £45 worth of ‘credit’, ie allowing people to go £45 into debt, on a pre pay service. However, what’s now happening is that these people are finding that they have to pay the £45 before getting any more service. So if they put £10 on their prepay, they aren’t getting £10 of electricity, they’re just clearing £10 worth of debt. So they need to put £50 to get £5 worth. We’ll keep you posted on this and see if it’s right, but we have been told the same thing from several places. )

Made kindly possible by the donations by “A” and “U” via our GoFundMe

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