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123./ The cemetery road flats clean up

By Sarah | 9 April 20 02:21pm | Good Deeds

Hi everyone, I have just spent the last two hours making my communal space a more safer and usable place to be, I have always tried to avoid this area when I am walking my dog as there was so much broken glass in the grass area, so my children were not able to play here, I feel so proud of myself and am a little sad that I didn’t get out there sooner, two people stopped me and asked what I had lost in the grass lol I am sure my neighbours will love the space now that I am confident that they will be able to enjoy it safely with out the worry of injury,  sadly I know that we are not able to all go out in groups but at least there are now more spaces to enjoy the fresh air and sit and relax, pray or just listen to the birds.

Massive thanks to the Ethicalmuch, you have been a little prayer answered. X x

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Editor on 9th April 2020 14:35:40

Hi Sarah That's a really nice good deed for your community! And now it's nice and safe for everyone. Bless you for that. We are sending you £8 as a reward. With love. The EM team.

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