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What we did in May. A summary.

By EMEditor | 1 June 20 02:21pm | Editors Choice

May was a continuation of April, we delivered food parcels and utility tops ups, did another round of postcards into areas, and continued to support people.

We have identified a number of regular clients, those in need of ongoing support, and are providing it accordingly. These include a young family with a 18 month old baby, and the mother is 7 months pregnant and having a hard pregnancy with several quite serious medical issues. This is compounded by them being on greatly reduced income, the father is furloughed but only on a part time contract. They are having to spend money on taxis to hospital several times a week, and the father cannot attend hospital due to CV19 regs. Basically it’s very hard for them, and others like them. So we are providing ongoing support which is making a huge difference. This includes a weekly shop and weekly electricity top up.

We are also providing a weekly electricity top up for another family in need, and who are struggling to claim benefits due to language difficulties.

We also collected high quality bedding and distributed to households in need this month, using appropriate safety measures.

We also did the same with a quantity of baby clothes, and have now gently introduced a system of gifting and donating, on a ‘good enough to give’ basis. This is demand driven, so we first ask our clients if they have needs, then source the resources accordingly. This means we are not holding stock and only source what we need.

We also produced a prototype magazine, which will be going to press in June. The intention being to showcase our service and generate more supporters, in order to expand our services to more clients.

MAY – Summary in numbers

Good Deeds numbers 163 – 213 inclusive.

Total number of aid deliveries: 51

Number of food deliveries: 30

Number rough sleeper parcels: 4

Number utility top ups: 9

Bedding delivery: 10

Other Good Deeds: 3, (1 x heater , 1 x book, 1 x clothes )

Referrals to additional services: 4

Total community support actions: 60

Number of donations received: 11

Value of donations received: £505

Value of donations spent: £500 (approximately)

The above numbers are accurate to the best of our knowledge although may be slightly adjusted once the months accounts are formally done.

Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to email [email protected] . We have a policy of total transparency.

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