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33. Saved a life

By Muylen | 13 September 21 04:47pm | EthicalMuch Cambodia

The complete story is on, but here’s the short version.

Muylen was introduced to this man, Savannaroth, with his mother. The swelling is a deep and life threatening infection. It is causing him to be ostracised socially and he has no means to access medical attention and the required surgery. It is fatal condition unless treated.

Financial support was provided by Brave Ministry, and Muylen took him to hospital in Phnom Penh.

He had two surgeries to remove the infection and was in hospital for nearly three weeks.

The operation saved his life, and now he is back home.

We even bought him a new bicycle to welcome him to his new life, and will be looking after him more into the future, see for all the details 🙂

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