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30. To a 50 years old, Home quarantine

By Muylen | 13 August 21 04:19pm | EthicalMuch Cambodia

Kampong Thom’s sudden increase in continues as province reports 67 new cases on August 11, 2021. The province’s recent spike in cases happened simultaneously with the discovery of the Delta variant in the province.

EMC took a package of food to a man 50 years old living in the  Kampong Thom due to COVID-19 is continues to struggle and the situation in the province amid a lockdown.

$ 66 Funded by Paul.

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Bird Lovegod on 13th August 2021 16:20:14

Good work Muylen :)

Orng Muylen on 14th August 2021 6:46:10

Thank you Bird. Blessings abundantly,

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